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薄明 Subtle  Illumination



The lack of base lighting is the focus of the design, and creates a space for meditation and restoring inner peace to seek family memories and emotional development through daily life.



Lines outline the interior structure and focus on creating light: the light tubes shine through the gaps and make the entrance welcoming with light. Grazing light reflects off the sandstone wall to help people move between locations. The living and dining rooms are shaped using a contrast of light and dark colors, and the visual changes generate movement patterns to increase the sense of psychological stability.

Light and shadow are the colors of the interior, and the fluid shape increases the amount of shadowing for the entrance. A small amount of light between the two-way flow creates a subtle notion of security; the living room’s discontinuous window surface and arced stone wall, natural and artificial lighting come together to create multiple layers of indirect aesthetics to convey modesty. The arcs can also be found in the private area as the groove lighting looks like light shining through clouds, the visual impression of sunrise and sunset along with the bedroom’s functions create a balance between the body and mind. 



The two-way flow of the entrance retains the visual space penetration and has a spiritual freedom through movement flexibility. The parent’s and children’s rooms are at opposite ends to split the differences in routines and provide privacy, and deliberately limit the private areas within the functional framework for family interaction. The public area focuses on the tension of light and shadow to calm the mind. The dining room is covered in carbon-black while the living room is apricot-colored to create different feelings during day and night. These time patterns make the family gather for meals, and allow emotional flow to occur naturally.

“Hidden” is the theme of the design as the insufficient lighting was turned into a demonstration of spatial aesthetics. The stream-shaped division of the entrance and traffic flow offer more flexibility in the use of the area. The open kitchen that was planned with input from the entire family allows everyone to participate in cooking meals, and the curved dining lights make every meal seem like a happy reunion. The public area’s indirect beamed lighting serves to guide people home and highlights the intersection of the traffic flow, making it a beacon that safeguards the entire family.