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留白 Flowing White



Senior-oriented living space has been an upward trend nowadays. As their children have left home, the owners of this downtown apartment use it as a retirement home, reacquainting themselves with the two-person world.



Themed with the owners’ memories of living abroad, the design of this small two-bedroom apartment center on the owners’ daily life, leaving out excessive storage space that was essential to raising children and household chores. The couple can enjoy cooking, wine savoring, and having home parties in the open dining and kitchen space. The guest room with sliding-folding doors also acts as a flexible sitting room, which can be combined into the continuous open space.



The joined living room and sitting room can be adapted to the owners’ preferences, either enjoying some alone time or getting together. And in accordance with the owners’ lifestyle, the TV is installed on the side column instead of in the center of the living room. The moving flows that connect the sunlight by the window, living/sitting room, and dining room also allow the independence of each space. Our design embodies the caring of emotional communication while the couple can take time for themselves to enjoy the space freely and be embraced by the white tranquility.

Colorful accents are used in the dining and kitchen area. A solid wood dining table offers a sophisticated, calming feeling, and its legs of acrylic and stainless steel strike a balance between the solid volume and white, airy space. The patterned splashback tiles serve as a highlight in the kitchen for their delicate patterns add a visual impact to the white space, resembling the splash of romantic feeling in the long-married couple’s simple life.