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山林曉居 Hillside Dwelling



The 60-year-old owner chooses this hillside house as a retirement home. As cooking, tea savoring, and reading would be the center of the owner’s simple lifestyle, the best mountain-facing view is reserved for the dining room and kitchen, while the living room would be the extension of the end view in the space. 



The kitchen is opened up and the extended balcony is recovered, allowing interaction with nature. The kitchen window is aligned with floor-to-ceiling windows to deliver a picturesque full view of mountain scenery. A meditation area is situated by the corner window, letting abundant sunlight and a starry night accompany the musing.


The open U-shaped kitchen comes with a bar countertop that connects the dining space and integrates functions like food preparation, appliances storage, and a washer-dryer machine. The splashback is tiled while the upper white wall adds to the lightness. This kitchen layout and style commonly seen in the compact interior in Europe are reflective of the owner’s memory of living in Europe.


Also inspired by the owner’s past, the vintage frosted-glass windows with crab-apple patterns are handcrafted into the kitchen cabinet door panels. The look of a Taiwanese traditional house is reimagined with the Spanish tiles used for the splashback, as the grey-blue and brick-red colors resemble the faded blue sky and exterior walls of an old house. Dark wood grains form the calming background at the other end of the space, as the same material is applied to the kitchen’s upper wall cabinets to make the texture extended. Mottled rough wood panels, which have grains as rich as the patterned tiles, are intentionally picked for lower cabinets to balance the visual layers of the vertical surface.