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衡敘 Balanced Spatial Dialogue





Achieving a perfect balance between considerable storage needs and aesthetics, our design creates a harmonious spatial dialogue with delicate details.

The entryway divides the space into common areas on the left and private areas on the right. The entryway’s gray wall extends all the way to the wall behind the living room sofa as visual guidance for moving flow, naturally leading the way for returning residents to gather in the living and dining room.


The succinct lines on the ceiling and vertical surfaces invite sunlight into the house, along with the beige tones, creating a soft and natural impression. Combining sideboards and open shelving that reduces the oppressive volumes, the storage units not only meet the needs of the family but also re-tain adequate blank space, striking a balance between the storage function and aesthetic



The recessed linear ceiling lighting on the right side of the entryway leads into the private areas. Here, the space carries the same succinct and introspective visual tones as the common areas. The wooden floor and built-in wall cabinets form a peaceful and elegant ambience, allowing the resi-dents to relax and make weariness go away.

Like composing a musical piece, our design takes after the song structure that goes from the intro, chorus to the coda. The entryway acts as a gentle intro that leads into a mellow mood, then the main space in the dining/living room plays out the theme melody composed of eye-catching dark blue and iron-gray, while the master bedroom keeps up the rhythm of the common areas with the same dark blue as focal points. The white long hallway serves as a gradually slowing interlude, while the second bedrooms with deliberately toning-down palette and intensity of design wrap up like a fad-ing coda.


Home is the sustenance for a family, as well as the shelter for them to return after adventures There-fore, we respond to the family’s needs of life and realize their imagination of the future through our design.