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停歇之時 Crotchat rest




Leaving blankness and making the space all about “people,” the 63-square-meter interior is de-signed for a placid life. Here, it is a retreat to get away from the hustle and put the bustle to rest.


As a resting living space for the owner, we abandon the commonly seen two-bedroom-and-one-living-room layout to feature a sense of openness and smooth moving flows. First, instead of plac-ing an entryway partition, the kitchen entrance is hidden to enlarge the entryway space. Next, we adjust the proportions of bedrooms by enlarging the master bedroom and placing a day-bed in the living room as the second bedroom for flexibility.


Our designer integrates the vista dotted with greenery with the interiors by leaving blankness. We simplify the storage volumes and use neutral gray as the main color, so light and shadow complete the subtle, peaceful atmosphere without barriers. To introduce natural light and enlarge the sense of space, we divide the master and second bedrooms with a glass wall that can invite the scene from the floor-to-ceiling windows into the apartment.



The blue-green furniture with a hint of gray pops out as the focal point in the blank background. The meticulously selected egg-shaped dining table can blend in the scene with any placement while toning down the formality of passage in the common areas and adding a visual highlight.

We combine the succinct design with a simple color palette and the functionality containing living details, allowing natural light flows in the space with blankness left, creating a restful home that ex-tends the imagination of life.