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卅九 Thirty-nine


Beauty is being by herself


The project is named “39” as it is designed for single residence, for those who are ready to turn over a new leaf in their life. The see-through glass materials offer more space for better and proper planning. The changing seasons and nature bring in warmth as well as new foundation for the next stage of life, as spiritual comfort is probably what the residents are looking for. 


Mainly in white with highlights in black, the modest contrast creates a transparent visual effect, leaving behind excessive volumes that could block the view, enabling multiple functions in the open space. The abundance of light from outside the windows enriches visual experience without extravaganza of elaborate materials or complicated curves.


More diverse storage potentials are created as the direction of staircase was changed and a custom-made cabinetry installed. After removing the kitchen partition wall, the bar hanger sets the boundary with the living room. Not only does it divide the use of the area but also maintain the continuity of the space. The display of wine accessories and wine collection embellishes the space. Embossed glass doors in the bathroom adds more light for a relaxing detox experience after a long day.


The mezzanine at the 2nd floor comes with borders made of transparent glass. For the single residents, the needs of privacy can be fulfilled by see-through medium, so that stars and the moon become great sleeping company, while the sunshine and greenery light up the day. The study, a multi-functional area, can convert into a yoga studio with a full-length mirror, or a guest bedroom for visitors.


It’s a room of one’s own, for tender comfort and soothing freedom.