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隱城靜居 A Hidden Tranquil Home




The couple who grow old hand in hand into their three score years and ten own this place hidden in the city where they can enjoy a leisurely life in the hustle and bustle.

Based on the concept of “a holiday home,” we focus on delivering a placid lifestyle, employing an Oriental color scheme to create a poetic and timeless design. By utilizing the varied layers in shades and space, the light and shadow reveal an elegant presence as time seems to move slowly here, leading to a tranquil home tucked in the bustling city.



We blend stone grains into the succinct neutral color scheme for more layers, while white, beige, and brown-gray strike a balance, imbuing an Oriental flair into the elegant space.




Instead of setting a traditional entryway, we reduce partition walls to unite the space, creating an enlarged common space with an open view.

In the private areas, we increase the proportion of calming colors and use matte materials, while the bed head is flanked by two columns that add to the sense of privacy and soothing feeling. The master bedroom connected to the living room is not only reminiscent of a luxurious hotel guest room but also enhances its usability. The husband’s and wife’s dressing rooms are separate while double vanity basins are installed in the bathroom, all to facilitate the moving flow of the couple’s interaction.

Here, they will gracefully welcome the life stages together, exploring more enjoyment of their daily life.