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貓の洄 Cat Companion in Life




In this space, both humans and cats are the protagonists. We perceive the cohabitation of humans and cats as a parent-child lifestyle, structuring the design around the two. This makes the cohabitation as natural as flowing water, and this is the story behind the name "Cat's Meander."



The notion that cats are like water inspires the use of curved lines as our design vocabulary. Paired with soft furniture of arc shapes, we aim to echo the agility of cats and visually widen the long and narrow public area, presenting a soft and dynamic spatial picture.

By integrating the movement paths of humans and cats on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, we create direct and indirect interaction environments. The behavior that emerges within the space is like a meandering current. Sometimes the cat's footsteps are hidden within the wooden lattice cabinets, occasionally they leap between display shelves, or they might wander along the ceiling walkway. Humans can also sit, lie down, or stand near the kitchen counter at will. The intermingling of movements and sensations resembles the fluent interweaving of running water.



The color scheme consists of a light gray background layered with wood color, giving the living room an elegant and fresh appearance. The dining and kitchen area turns to carbon brown, subtly reflecting the owners' taste in life. Meanwhile, the gentle strokes of water-blue sprinkle within, resonating with the original design intent: like water. The bedroom is more subdued, creating a calming and focusing atmosphere.

Paths of cats and humans intertwine, gazes chase and mingle, yet each can find their peace. This is a shared haven for a young couple and their two cats.