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軒景 A New Chapter Begins



Examining the lifestyle and breaking up oddly shaped spaces. Here, the residents are in the spotlight.




In the original layout, three bedrooms took up much more space than the common areas. However, as the only residents are the owner couple, so we reconfigure the house into their ideal home with a focus on their lifestyle.

One of the en-suite bedrooms is broken free into the living/dining area. The zigzag lightning-shaped hallway is transformed into a T-shaped moving line that brings in plenty of natural light. The entryway built with wood tones and indirect light creates a soothing vibe. A grey-framed mirror is selected for the shoe-changing area for its calming feeling.




When sitting on the soft sofa in the living room, the natural light flowing through the floor-to-ceiling windows is a delight to the eye, relaxing both mind and body. The TV wall is made of a single slab of marble, imbuing the space with cool-tone chic. The less-saturated grey-green wall behind the sofas balances the overall visual effect and gives a feeling of gentleness and calm.

Glass sliding doors used for the study allow sunlight to reach the dining area. With sliding doors closed, the dining area can be the meeting place for the owners, ensuring space versatility.

The common areas are laid with sandstone-like matte floor tiles; its non-slippery surface is also thoughtful for the four-legged family members. As for the private areas, the herringbone wood flooring suggests a mood change, while the pattern echoes with the gable ceiling in the master bedroom.


The layout is planned by centering on the owners’ needs, while our design with beautiful and orderly lines strikes a balance with the residents’ personalities. The story of a home begins here.