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淡然 Tranquility




After 16 years, the spatial functions of this old house have gradually become insufficient. The study has become a dark warehouse and the refrigerator outside the door is difficult to use, but the space is actually flexible and depends on how it is utilized. After evaluating the current needs for daily life, the layout was redone with new design elements to create a harmonious atmosphere for a family of five.




The designer moved the flow of the space outwards, reset the bedroom layout, created a sunlight corridor, and introduced community greenery landscaping into the home. The home also benefits from sufficient natural lighting, which can extend the visual depth of the public space.

The gray-green sofa back wall echoes the greenery outside the window, and the clear wood-grain texture of the TV wall combine to create a small indoor forest. The door piece under the curved ceiling is specially shaped like a hatch, and the design inspiration comes from the adjacent Danshui River. The roundness of the smooth elements is extended into different areas of the house, and is presented in different forms of details.

The girls’ room on the other side of the corridor uses the translucent qualities of the patterned glass door to transfer sunlight into the room, giving the space a light and translucent nature. The master bedroom uses concise lines, and neutral mauve colors shift the visual focus to the natural outdoor lighting and shadowing. After the spatial axes were recalibrated, the boys were freed from their crowded bunk bed. They each have their own bedroom to keep their own secrets, and the flow of the space while using the dining and kitchen area became smoother as well.


The increase in the area of the bathroom in the public space improved its usability, and the corner area is used as a storage room with sufficiently-reserved storage space. Having a thorough understanding of the family’s living habits is the only way to make the space become a home that is filled with vitality to support life.


Families can settle in and revitalize the space as they will enjoy being surrounded by greenery, and create even more heartwarming family memories.