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悠境 Leisurely Realm



When the residence becomes a harbor that safeguards the family’s growth, coming home is the happiest thing in the world.



The background wall in the common area is left blank all the way to the floor-to-ceiling windows, along with the clean lines of wood materials accentuated by the sunlight, extending the visual line and enlarging the sense of space. Utilizing the vertical height, the entryway and dining cabinets feature abundant storage space, while the dark wooden grains also add to the vertical layers.


The short marble partition TV wall not only forms a focal point in the living room but also enhances the connection between the study and living space, as the two cloistered moving lines reserve room for children playing. A hint of mauve in the ink-wash-painting-like marble grain echoes the nude-tone wood bookshelves, delivering a simple and elegant style with warmth.

Spaces are defined by the family’s living needs with the kitchen area’s proportion adjusted. The L-shaped island integrates cooking and dining areas, creating a continuous moving line that answers to the habits of the owner who enjoys cooking.



The private areas feature a warm ambience while employing light colors to visually enlarge the space. Light oak color sets the tone for the master bedroom and olive green in the child’s room matches the greenery outside the window. In thoughtful consideration of the different daily routines between the adults and the child, the entrances of two bedrooms are rearranged to avoid interfering. And as the moving lines are changed, the hallway of the original layout is now transformed into a storage space for the child’s room, reserving enough space for replacing a bigger bed in the future.

The space is imbued with humanity through design, inspiring imagination for a family-centered future life and helping the residents to create their new stories.