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The refined and cozy tones contrast slightly but are harmonious with each other. A bit of green and some wood are added to the ceiling edging, creating a visual attraction with textured colors.




Coral is the primary color of the whole space. The energetic and colorful palette aligns with the brand’s focus on younger customers. The seats at different heights not only add more layers to the space but also provide more options in response to the various needs of customers. Seating types are distinguished by the color, allowing every dine-in customer to find a seat they are comfortable with.



This store is one of the many eateries on an apartment veranda along a downtown street. It serves both dine-in and takeout customers. We use a bar counter with a strong sense of volume as the working area to integrate order taking, takeout meal serving, and drink making. The order-taking and meal-serving windows for dine-in and takeout are different from separate queues for eat-in and take-away customers, ensuring the comfort of the dine-in environment.

In order to grab passersby’s attention as much as possible for the client, we make the textured interior space with high color saturation visible externally through French windows. The bar counter is covered with terrazzo tiles to convey a sense of vintage and modern beauty through colorful and exquisite minerals. Also, by installing an LED menu board, delicious foods catch people’s eyes, promoting the store’s takeout service.


In addition to aesthetics and form, considerations for designing a commercial space must include the owner’s business model and management style to add a bonus point to the owner’s store environment and management practices.