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白狐院華夫餅 Korean Waffle House



“華夫餅” means waffles. The store owner named the store “Huinyeou” and chose to use white foxes as the brand’s image, linking it to a Korean period costume drama and breaking away from the ranks of modern, Instagram-worthy, Korean-style stores.



The interior design of this store has been developed based on an ancient Korean vibe that fits the brand. We use bamboo curtains, paper umbrellas, lanterns, and other objects with oriental elements to give the space a Korean historical atmosphere. The lines are also simplified to make the lines and planes neat and clean, bringing the traditional image of the overall space closer to modern reality.


In addition, the owner’s store is a mainly takeout shop that offers light meals and snacks. The space is arranged to serve as a takeout store. Two-thirds of the space is used as the working area with a few seats for customers to wait for their meals or take a short rest while enjoying snacks. To suit the 1:1 ratio of dine-in to takeout, instead of fixed seating areas in restaurants, we use benches and table stools to ensure the functionality of tables and chairs and create flexibility in switching between. This is our attempt to build a rest stop among skyscrapers for people to enjoy snacks as well as some moments of sunshine.



In this small store, without excessive decorations or building materials, by using long and thin paper lanterns, plain paper umbrellas in different sizes, and rustic benches and table stools that can be seen in Chinese medicine shops, the brand image is conveyed in a way that is simple but effective. This creates a slightly, but not too ancient Chinese vibe that perfectly blends with the modern cement bar and stainless-steel countertop.

Huinyeou Waffle arouses the curiosity of customers and leads them into another world both visually and taste-wise.