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城市旅人 City Traveler



In this house, which is smaller than 33 square meters, we rearrange the overall flow and storage settings to connect each area smoothly. Mirrors, a different kitchen layout, and a variety of materials together create a spatial extension. The tawny mirror on the entryway wall reflects the green outside the window, not letting walls obstruct vision.




To visually expand the home with limited space, the first thing to do is to revamp the original layout. We divide the bathroom space by moving out the sink to reduce wall length, creating a comfortable-to-navigate path. Instead of sticking with the original one-wall kitchen layout, we arrange the kitchen cabinet and countertop in an L shape and incorporate dining and cooking functions in them so that they can be used not only to cook but also as a dining table or even a desk, minimizing the use of space in the home.



The division of the space also changes the one-bedroom setting. A sliding panel in the bedroom can ensure a good night’s sleep. When the panel is closed in the daytime, the sleeping area blends with the living room. A sliding door placed at the entryway forms a boundary between the interior and the exterior, delivering an abundant sense of security to the living environment connected with the bedroom.




To maintain the sense of continuity and openness in this small home, we hide the storage space behind walls.

Integrated with a closet, a shoe cabinet, and entryway storage space, a corner cabinet is placed in the awkward place between the columns at the entryway. The door, forming a part of the cabinet and serving as a divider, allows for more flexible switching for the small home. A curved cabinet fits in between the front door and the TV wall, with the power distribution box well hidden behind it. The closet is naturally integrated with the sink area in the same façade, creating a path that is easier to navigate.



Titled City Traveler, this small house was designed as a hotel for city travelers through layout planning. Inky and matte gold elements give this home a restrained texture. At the same time, pure beige, together with some curves such as the corner cabinet and wave-shaped door, delivers a sense of low-key elegance without losing the warmth of a home.